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Discover the beautiful Island of Capri and its exclusive lifestyle

Island of Capri

Situated in the center of the Island of Capri, the Pazziella Garden & Suites is the ideal place for a vacation in a charming setting.

Capri is a world-famous destination, its beauties and exclusivity make it elegant and yet closely tied to traditions. The beautiful views, the culinary tradition, the sea and grottoes, the colors and flavors, the high-end shops…all contribute to the legend of this little island perched in the sea.

Lying in the Bay of Naples , like a mermaid, Capri is a place of chic and unique dreams, with many places of interest to visit in one or more days.

La Piazzetta

Pazziella Garden & Suites is just a short walk from the famous Piazzetta. You will stay next to a lively, vibrant place, an outdoor parlor where to enjoy a refreshing drink, shop in the local boutiques, and encounter VIPs and celebrities taking a stroll.


The Faraglioni, three huge rock formations are one of the symbols of Capri. Situated just off the coast, they can be reached by boat and you can admire their soaring beauty and amazing views.

The Blue Grotto

There are many grottoes along the coast, but no doubt, the Blue Grotto is the most famous of all and it has been known since Roman times for the incredibly blue water inside. The dreamlike, poetic setting is an enchanted, and not easy-to-reach treasure; you will see schools of silvery fish swimming just beneath the water’s surface. A magical and memorable experience.

Monte Solaro

The 589 meter high Monte Solaro towers over the Island of Capri and offers opportunities for walks and expert hiking, rewarding the bravest with breathtaking landscape views worthy of postcards.


On the slopes of Monte Solaro you can stop at Anacapri, the island’s biggest town and the starting point for high or sea level excursions and trips.

P Garden Lounge Bar & Restaurant

Food is an important part of Capri’s traditions and for this reason we do our utmost every day with the single goal of surprising your taste buds with the finest genuine local products.

A thousand experiences in a single lifestyle, in a single vacation.

A unique place to fulfill all your desires